Mudbox 2013が発表されました

Mudbox 2013

Mudbox 2013

Autodesk M&E Product 2013が発表されました。あわせてMudbox 2013の情報も公開されています。


Extreme Detail with the new Gigatexel engine
Precision Curves
Customizable Workspace
Support for Edge Hardness, Creasing, and Smoothing Groups
Combine Bump and Normal Map Detail
Sculpt and Paint Tiling Detail
16 bit PSD support
Duplicate Models
Flip Models
Presets for Adjust Color
Expanded ptex support (including support for non-quads)
Tangent mirroring with stencils
Extract up to 32k maps
Stencil offset property
Connexion support
Freeze Transforms
Selection sets work across levels
Import selection sets from Maya
Isolate rgb channels
Adjust Luminosity
Shift toggles Blur for painting
Improved performance
Delete Faces
Select UV Shells tool
Select border edge tool
Delete Unused Materials
Delete multiple objects at a time
Render face selection “by face”
More accurate brush falloff
Higher quality falloff curve editor
Reset brush properties
Stencil remains aligned with mesh during 2d camera transformation
Transform tools work on multiple objects
Cleaner Save Screen Image results
SDK improvements
Brushes work better on transformed meshes
Lots of bug fixes

Gigatexel engineはSAPで先行して来てたけど、Viewcube追加とか、Selection setが他のレベルでも効いたり、地味にうれしい機能が追加されてます。あ、それとUIのカスタマイズもできるようです。今まであまり使い勝手がよくなかった部分ですね。



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